Sew Sensational Tours  presents
New York City
Fabric Tour

Leave the planning to us!
Itinerary for Sew Sensational New York City

Arrive Friday May 22, at noon
Holiday Inn Inn Express @ Madison Square Garden

We'll meet in our hotel lobby between noon-1:00PM. (our bags can be stored at the hotel in my room)

1:00-We'll walk to the F.I.T. campus to tour the museum there. After the museum tour, we'll visit City Quilters, New York's premier quilt shop.

4:00 - Hotel check-in

5:00 - Welcome Reception

6:30 - Leave for theater

Saturday May 23
Breakfast served at hotel from 6:00-10:00 (included)
Your choices are:
-Self guided fabric shopping (you will be receiving a guide map with store reviews)
-Shop with Pam
-One of the many activities available with your CitiPass
Lunch & Dinner on your own

Sunday May 24
Breakfast served at hotel from 6:00-10:00 (included)
Museum Tours: The Cloisters, The Metopolitan Museum of Art, The Museum of Natual History
Or Shopping at you leisure
Or One of the many actiities on your CitiPass
6:00 - Farewell Dinner
Empire State Building at night

Monday May 25
Breakfast served at hotel from 6:00-10:00 (included)more last minute fabric shopping
check out at noon

Please Note: You're not required to follow this itinerary, and can create your own, based on your own personal interests. Because there's so much to do & see  in New York, you may want to purchase additional nights to take full advantage your CityPass and MetroCard.  
If you have a business llicense, please be sure to bring it along, as there are several "wholesale only" stores in the areas we'll be shopping in.

Yes! I want to be part of the Sew Sensational New York Tour!

Name_________________________________Roomate Request_____________________________

Tour Price


Less deposit


Ticket for Wicked


Less early Bird disc. If  before Jan 6,2009



____add’l nights

 @ $140 per night


Total Due Now


Balance Due on 04/01/09


Address_______________________________ City__________________State_______Zip________


Credit Card_____________________________________________Exp._______Sec. Code________

____I'd love to see Wicked! Please add $160 to my card.  _____I want ____ add'l nights at $140 dbl. Occ.

____Please Charge $250 deposit  ____Please charge whole amount   ___Smoking    ____Non-smoking

I have read and understand the Conditions and Responsibilities above.  Sew Sensational Tours are not liable for any personal injury, property damage, or other loss, accident, delay or inconvenience caused by any supplier or party not under their control.  Your signature indicates your understanding and agreement to this. 


 Tour Price  $749.00
 Less Deposit  -250.00
 Ticket for Wicked  $160.00
 Lesss Early Bird discount if before Feb.6   -25.00
 ____additional nights @ $140 dbl.occ.  
 Total Due Now  
 Balance Due on May 1, 2009  

This form can be printed out and faxed to:518-297-2698. Do not send credit card info by email. If email in the form, call with your credit card info. 

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